A Woodland Burial

  Made using gorgeous Alder, Narcissus & Helleborus - all locally grown and woven together to make this beautiful wreath for a woodland burial. I love using Alder! It is such a lovely medium to use with its little cones that adds great detail to arrangements.

New Year 2017

It's January!!! I can't believe just how fast Christmas came and went! Unfortunately, I spent most of it coughing and suffering from Anosmia! So all that beautiful smelling and tasting food was completely wasted on me! Well the cold has continued but I'm full of ideas for the new year and full of excitement. Over …

J&J’s Big Day!

Getting festive with these two guys. A beautiful winter wedding using lots of Ilex, Hedera, Alnus, Skimmia, Cotoneaster and Nigella seedheads. #jjsbigday

Christmas Wreaths 

... and so it has begun! If there is one thing I absolutely love making,  it's a wreath! I don't know why but whether it's a funeral wreath,  a celebration wreath,  an advent wreath or a Christmas door wreath...I love them! Christmas began last week with eight orders coming in all at once! So it's …