My Story

As far back as i can remember I’ve adored flowers and gardening. Both my mother & father have always encouraged me to love plants….

I grew up in Kidlington, just north of Oxford – I was given a tiny size piece of land to grow Snowdrops and French Marigolds. I later expanded to a small plot of land at the Old Rectory in Kidlington to grow vegetables and flowers and even a bit of beekeeping with my father. I was amazed by what you could do with some water, some sunlight and some soil! I remember my mother buying me a ‘Busy Lizzie’ plant which you could brake bits off and grow in water to produce a new plant… Amazing! 

I studied Product Design at Banbury college and graduated in 2000 with a degree in Interior Design from the University of Creative Arts in Farnham. I moved to London where I became an Interior Designer in Wimbledon Village. I left London in 2005 and moved back home to Oxford where I found a career in floristry! I still love design and continue to offer my advice but my heart belongs to horticulture. I love studying plants and flowers and the rules (and breaking them) of gardening and floristry. 

I’ve been working in floristry for over ten years now. I’ve learnt and developed – working with some amazing people who inspire, teach and advise. Over the years, to develop my skills, I’ve worked for a few different florist shops – each one giving me new ideas, new inspiration and planning my future for how I wanted to do my own floristry.

My individual style has always been to replicate nature! I am always looking around me to find that special moss, that special seed head or flower that I can use. I have an allotment where I grow and test my flowers and if I can forage for it then it’s a result! There is nothing better than walking in the woods or fields and discovering materials that I can use. It creates something much more unique – a special gift from nature is how I see it! 

2017 threw some opportunities my way. I was approached by Value Retail and asked to become Head Gardener for Bicester Village, Oxfordshire. Working alongside London Luxury Florist – ‘Wild at Heart’ I tend to their creations with my team of gardeners – planting, maintaining, and everything in between – creating beautiful planting on a huge scale to welcome guests from all over the world with the Oxfordshire countryside!

Adam x

The Bearded Florist©