Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day already!
Well that can only mean that spring is not far away and soon the air will be filled with the scent of Hyacinths and Crocus will be dancing amongst the lawns. My floristry style is a natural one and to always remain as close to nature and the seasons as possible, which is why I don’t like using roses at a time of year when they’re not growing in the garden.


Cornus however… well this is in abundance in February and needs to be cut back to ensure that this season grows strong, vibrant stems that will be bursting with colour in the winter.
To adorn my door I made a Cornus Heart (I felt the door looked so forlorn after treating it to a beautiful wreath at Christmas). Well, I had so many knocks at the door asking if I would mind making them one, as a gift to their loved ones this St. Valentine’s Day.

So… #AltValentines #CornusNotRoses

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