Mespilus germanica… Gone a bit crazy for these this year. I love that they’re so old and unknown by most and that you can’t eat them until they have been bletted – Bletting being a process of the fruit over ripening to make it edible! Love it!

So my amazing husband surprised me with a Medlar tree a few weeks ago – full of fruits, which I harvested and placed on a plate in a cupboard and waited. A couple of weeks later they had become darker and soft and squidgy! I began to panic about what to actually make with them and after some research found an easy recipe for Medlar Cheese. Essentially, get the squidgy inside of the fruit out – add equal amount of sugar and boil until stiff and then set.

Tradition says that you should set them in decorative copper moulds but as i haven’t got any – a Tupperware bowl will have to do. So I sit and wait and see what it’ll turn out like. Think some lovely strong, mature Cheddar will be required!

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