So I’m laying in bed and looking out the window at the sky and I just can’t believe how beautiful it is this time of year.  I don’t think I have ever really appreciated the colours of autumn until this year I’ve been enjoying using them in my work all the colours,  all the fruits, all the seeds it’s been a really wonderful experience this year.

Usually in floristry you’re driven by the flowers they’re available,  that’s what gives you the impression of autumn but this year I have been looking at the trees and getting a better understanding,  first for what they are and how they change throughout the year and this is what gives me an appreciation, seeing them before the final flourish for the year.

But I’ve also been looking at the ground and seeing what’s growing through the decaying leaves and it’s the fungi that I have been amazed by – just so strong resilient but this is not something you can use a floristry it is too delicate but it’s beautiful and I can take inspiration from that.

The next part of autumn that I loved is the fruits that my trees have given me this year. A couple of years ago I bought a family apple tree. This is a tree that has three different types of apple on but it hasn’t given many apples before but this year it did…

…so driven by that I purchased another cherry tree, a medlar tree and two dwarf apple trees. So I kind of have an orchard as my front garden now!

Bring on the spring because that blossom is going to be amazing!

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